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automate venmo payments to friends

Ever since Apple announced the purchase of Workflow, I have been going through the gallery seeing which workflows might be helpful in automating some of the repetitive things I do on a day to day basis.

One of the supported APIs I was excited to see was Venmo. Venmo has taken the millennial market by storm, and even though they are owned by the infamous Paypal, they are an integral part of my average weekend. The thought of being able to, as Workflow describes it, “Spend less taps, get more done” with a Venmo workflow is appealing.

The problem is, their Venmo workflow doesn’t work. More accurately, they bring me into Venmo and I have to start the transaction all over again #FirstWorldProblems.

Anyways, here is a better Venmo Workflow that actually works:

+ Add My Venmo Workflow


Download Workflow

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