About Dan

Dan DeSimone is an eCommerce and Marketing specialist located in the Providence, RI area.

He enjoys incorporating his marketing background with his interest in technology to develop innovative solutions to real problems. He likes to learn about, test out, and write about new martech solutions coming to the market (like Coinhive).

He also works with several clients in advising digital marketing strategy and managing their web presence.

Awards and Certifications

2019 - Present

eCommerce Project Manager


eCommerce Content Specialist

  • Reimplemented our Product Experience Management (PXM) System, Salsify
  • Improved time to market and reduced demand ramp up time for key retail partners such as Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes.
  • Aligned the Amazon Flywheel to our product content development cycle to increase product ranking through provided content and earned ranking signals


eCommerce Merchandising Coordinator

  • Coordinated new product launches with product marketing, operations, creative teams, and Amazon
  • Analyzed multivariate content changes to improve conversion on product pages
  • Developed models to analyze weekly sales and shipment reports to improve forecast accuracy


eCommerce Business Specialist

  • Executed global brand website redesigns and new feature deployments
  • Developed and managed process for publishing and updating product content
  • Developed a globally adaptable training program for our CMS/PIM system