2023 International PayPal Fees

Fee Information and Refund Calculator

Can PayPal accept international payments?

Yes, PayPal accepts international payments. However, there are possible fees associated with the transaction and funding method.

How are PayPal fees calculated?

The fee is calculated based on the funding method, where you’re sending money to, and where you’re sending money from. Using your PayPal balance or a bank account as a funding method will incur a lower fee than credit cards or debit cards. Sending money within the United States generally incurs a lower fee than internationally.

How much does PayPal charge for international transactions?

What PayPal charges for an international transaction depends on if it is a purchase or a friends and family transfer.

From PayPal for sending money to friends or family, “If you are a U.S. PayPal account holder sending money to a friend or family member with a PayPal account in a country other than the U.S., the fee you pay depends on the Payment Method used and the amount you are sending.”

Funded by your PayPal balance or a bank account linked to your PayPal account.

  • 5% of the send amount with
    • a minimum of $0.99 USD
    • a maximum of $4.99 USD
  • No funding fee

Funded by a credit card, debit card or PayPal Credit.

  • 5% of the send amount with
    • a minimum of $0.99 USD
    • a maximum of $4.99 USD
  • 2.9% of the transaction amount funded this way plus a fixed fee based on currency (from the table here).

If you are selling goods internationally the fee is a 4.4% transaction fee plus a fixed fee based on currency received (from the table here).

How do you avoid PayPal fees?

If you’re a buyer in the United States, there is no fees charged to you for the transaction. Fees may be charged to the merchant.

If you are sending money to friends or family (peer-to-peer) there is no fee when the money comes from you’re existing PayPal balance or your bank account.

As of September, 8 2023 the PayPal fees for payments made from Chinese bank accounts to US bank accounts is:

4.5% + $0.49

Please use the calculator to determine payment based on how much money you wish to receive.

Enter the amount you wish to receive in the first box, and the second box will populate what you should ask for with PayPal fees included.