Local Advertising for Providence, RI


A unique and no-nonsense advertising opportunity to a hyper local market.

Advertise your business, cause, or upcoming event for as little or long as you want.

Sure, you can reach thousands of people a day with other ad networks…if you have thousands of dollare to spend.

Advertising available for the singluar page of Providence coffee shop reviews to support the work I do to maintain it.

Here’s the deal

$1 a Day*

Advertise for as little or as long as you’d like for just $1 a day*. No cost per click. No cost per impression. Straight up and transparent pricing.

Exclusive Ad Rights

All other ads will be disabled on the page for the length of time you purchased. Limit of 5 ads per page.

Ad-block Resistant

Ad blockers work by blocking generic, mass-market ad networks. Simple images are resiliant to such measures.

Unlimited Views & Clicks

Get your ad infront of every visitor. No limit on the number of impressions or click throughs.

  • No cost-per-click
  • Highly ranked organic content
  • Valuable inbound links
  • Low investment
  • Personal 1:1 support

* 3% credit card processing fee incurred for periods of less than seven (7) days.

Ad Ons Available


Need help desiging your ad? I’m here to help for an additional fee.


Monthly report on ad views with 1+ month booked.


Move your coffee shop to the top of the section for an additional monthly fee. (will not edit review)


Other content development opportunities.