In a surprising turn of events, the AI-powered investing platform,, has announced its shutdown., known for its algorithm and data-driven automated investment strategies, had captured the attention of both seasoned investors and newcomers alike. However, the company has decided to close its virtual doors, leaving many in the financial industry to ponder the reasons behind this unexpected farewell.

While they are far from the only investing platform using AI, they were a notable early mover having started up in 2021. will cease operations on December 8th, 2023.’s journey began with the promise of democratizing investing, using artificial intelligence to empower individual investors. The platform’s algorithms could analyze market trends, identify opportunities, and manage portfolios, all with minimal human intervention. It was a beacon for those looking to enter the world of investing without the need for extensive financial knowledge.

So, what led to’s untimely demise? So far there has been little public statement from the company. Customers received an email from last night announcing the firms closure and informing customers their options for liquidating or transferring their assets. The FAQ page linked to provided little more information than the email.

Email from announcing shutdown.

The shutdown of serves as a reminder of the ever-changing landscape of fintech and AI in finance. While this particular venture has reached its end, the lessons learned from its journey will undoubtedly influence future endeavors in AI-powered investing. Investors and entrepreneurs alike will be watching closely to see what innovative solutions emerge from the void left by

As we bid farewell to, we look forward to the next generation of platforms that will continue to shape the financial industry. In the dynamic world of technology and finance, one chapter closes, but many more are yet to be written.