Can Coinhive Replace the Media Paywall?

Digital media forms have steadily been taking over the more traditional ones over the past two decades. However, digital content can be difficult to monetize, as most people are accustomed to the abundant ‘free’ content available to them on the internet. Unfortunately, whether a media outlet is physically or digitally publishing content, a lot of Read more about Can Coinhive Replace the Media Paywall?[…]

How Marketers Can Use Instagram’s Archive Tool

The saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ comes to mind when thinking about marketing and Instagram. Pictures do a great job communicating a lot of information in a compact form. This could explain why many brands and businesses are seeing great engagement on the platform. For many brands, Instagram has become a key Read more about How Marketers Can Use Instagram’s Archive Tool[…]

mobile ordering for brand customer experience consideration

Mobile Ordering & the Consumer Experience

Before smaller brands and local, small businesses jump onto the mobile ordering trend because they feel they need to to complete, one should consider how this impacts the customer experience (CX). One could say coffee is just coffee and it doesn’t matter where it comes from, but I don’t always think that should be the Read more about Mobile Ordering & the Consumer Experience[…]

amazon deal reveal live stream prime day

Shots Fired: Amazon Taking on QVC and Home Shopping Network

If you haven’t been paying attention to Amazon lately, besides buying Whole Foods and releasing new smart devices, today marks their third annual Prime Day; a day of epic deals in every category exclusively for Prime Members. Marketed as the Black Friday of the summer, some deals are limited to a few hours and others Read more about Shots Fired: Amazon Taking on QVC and Home Shopping Network[…]

nelson chiu event at hong kong university of science and technology canceled

Arist Coffee Brother Quits, Yet the Scams Continue

Since my post earlier this month about Nbition, the crowdfunding scam artists, two new stories have come to light about their founders, brothers Nelson and Benson Chiu. Brother Nelson is attempting to recruit new partners possibly through speaking engagements at Hong Kong universities. And, just last week, brother Benson publicly announced he has left his Read more about Arist Coffee Brother Quits, Yet the Scams Continue[…]