uber discount and cash back with the ibotta app

The Rising Cost of Uber

With the increasing pressure Uber is facing to become profitable, their prices have silently been rising over the last 12 months. I remember when I could get a ride across the city on a Saturday afternoon for six or seven dollars. Everyone knows you can get an Uber discount for your first few rides with their new rider discount, but after that you’re usually stuck paying full price. It’s a constant fight to try and find that one friend to go out with who still hasn’t signed up to get those sweet, sweet free Uber rides.

Ibotta is a rebate and cash back app similar to Ebates or Checkout 51. They offer you cash back from receipts at the supermarket, but they have recently expanded into mobile shopping cash back as well. They have offers for Jet.com, Amazon, Drizly, and most importantly, Uber! Now, this won’t get you a free Uber ride, but it will get you a cash back $2 Uber discount on your next 10 rides and a $1 Uber discount on all rides after that.

With the percentage of digital minutes being spent on mobile devices increasing every year, the opportunity presents itself to do some truely innovative promotions and offers. By targeting the Uber using Millenial, they are hitting that market with an offer that will really resonate.

5 Steps to an Uber Discount

To get your discount:

  1. Have the Uber app downloaded to your phone with an active account.
  2. Download the Ibotta app and create an account if you do not have one. See note below for additional sign up bonus
  3. Under the mobile shopping rebates, select the Uber rebate. From here, click the button to launch Uber. You must launch Uber from the Ibotta app to receive your rebate.
  4. Order your Uber like you normally would.
  5. Receive a $1 cash back in the Ibotta app, with a $5 bonus after your first three rides. You will get an additional $5 bonus when you reach 10 rides.

It really is that easy. Ibotta offers additional rebates for many other stores and applications. Let’s hope they add some meal delivery options to the app, and then we’ll be in business.

As a final note, if you do not have an Ibotta account, you can use my code at sign up to receive an additional $10 bonus at sign up. Use this link or type this code in at sign up: qtyeksi