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How to Avoid Scams on Kickstarter

Over $3.2 billion dollars has been successfully raised by projects on Kickstarter since it was founded almost a decade ago. Pretty impressive. Millions of those dollars have gone into the pockets of scam artists around the world. Less impressive. I’ve previously told...

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The eCommerce Wars and the Dangers for Consumers

I start every morning reading through the Google News tech and business sections, and every morning there's a new story about something Amazon/Walmart/Target/etc. Is doing to "win" the eCommerce War. Acquisitions, same day delivery, and new merchandising programs...

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Wayfair to Bring WayMore Content to Product Pages

Wayfair, one of the world's largest online destinations for the home, is finally expanding a much-awaited program to bring richer content to the products on their site. The Wayfair WayMore Premium Product Content initiative was unveiled earlier this year with the...

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Is “Going Online” the Solution for Benny’s?

When Benny's announced their closing earlier this year, people throughout south-east New England were shocked. A staple for automotive parts, household goods, and toys the family-owned discount chain is closing all 35 stores by the end of 2017. The prototypical...

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Can Coinhive Replace the Media Paywall?

Digital media forms have steadily been taking over the more traditional ones over the past two decades. However, digital content can be difficult to monetize, as most people are accustomed to the abundant 'free' content available to them on the internet....

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How Marketers Can Use Instagram’s Archive Tool

The saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' comes to mind when thinking about marketing and Instagram. Pictures do a great job communicating a lot of information in a compact form. This could explain why many brands and businesses are seeing great engagement on...

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Mobile Ordering & the Consumer Experience

Before smaller brands and local, small businesses jump onto the mobile ordering trend because they feel they need to to complete, one should consider how this impacts the customer experience (CX). One could say coffee is just coffee and it doesn't matter where it...

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